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By Simon on Monday December 15th, 2008, 22:04 – E-business

My last ApplicationiPhone.com toy takes off very hard and I have a lot of fun. For the first time in my life I manage all the trades of a start-up – extremely modest – from A to Z.

Code a little and get the right plug-ins, integrate a lot, produce the necessary graphics for webdesign and merchandising, produce the content, polish the SEO, industrialize the affiliation, prepare the advertising network, think about the product and think about the features to come and watch, h24 to try to get out the good scoops, and finally, take care of the business development, namely to tie the best possible relations with the list – which is growing – of the publishers of games and application iPhone, which are now partners, and to whom I expect, in the near future, to sell advertising services to help them reach an ultra-targeted audience by gaining visibility: an aspect of their marketing on which they do not have no control today in theApp Store has had regard to Apple’s strict rules and the ever-increasing number of games and apps (over 10,000 at the moment).

In this little game of making contact I wanted to share with you my deep consternation with the few editors of French iPhone games and applications that I was able to email (some are * happily * exception to the rule).

So far, all US publishers (but also English or German) have contacted me within 24 hours, thanking me warmly for talking about them, offering me exclusive news, dozens of versions of tests graceful, or even , iTunes promotional codes to win on the site , and it is me who made contact in the positron of the “marketer”, many have caught the ball by challenging me on a coverage of more, in me sending a version to test, a press release, etc.

And during this time, the few French publishers I had mailed me opposed a total radio silence, like “what does he want us that one …”. a bit like receiving a commercial Xérox ringing at 16h while it is the full blow of fluff in offices.

Beyond the self-hating / self-bashing that is a subject back in force around leweb08, and trying not to fall into the cliché of French eternally critical towards his compatriots, I can not help but feel a certain bitterness when I notice the gourditude and the default mistrust of French boxes in such situations. And yet many are small start-ups. And I find myself very sorry to see that this attitude finally brings out a central notion: the lack of opportunism genetically missing in France which explains, in many ways, the two years of canonical delays of our country on the Silicon Valley.